Let’s Talk About Depression: Guest Post

So, let’s talk about depression.

One fine afternoon of a lockdown period, we all finished our lunch and was engaged in our own duties, people who have work from home was in front of their laptops and computers, people who have other duties was getting ready to do it, some people were also planning to take a nice afternoon nap, then came news which shattered everyone, Sushant Singh Rajput, A young and talented actor commits suicide in his apartment in Bandra, it felt like a personal loss, why? Because he was the man who worked hard and reached fame from nothing without any background in the film industry, he was not just an actor, he was one among us. Since his death news was out, people are suddenly
worried about mental health, why so late? Why not all these years? Okay, let’s take that positively, better late than never. What causes depression? I think most of us know, now, let’s talk about handling it.


Depression can hit any human being irrespective of their money, fame and social status, whenever we are into depression, we tend to be in bed as it is the most comforting place during the period, the first thing to realize is that it is completely fine to be broken in life and be in bed till you feel better, life is all about going through a different
phase, accepting all the phase will teach you a valuable lesson and will open the door to the beautiful land of happiness at the end of the depression. If you are able to do it, then you can inspire many people as you will be setting an example.

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When people point out your mistakes when you are in depression, ignore them, you can even disrespect their opinion. Yes, it might be rude, but they lost their respect when they pointed out your flaws when you are down, try to watch motivational videos, believe in yourself, Realize the fact that you are unique.


We tend to think that depression can make us a pessimist, no, that is a wrong thought which can enter our mind and make the depression even worse, the truth is that even the best motivational speakers in the world need motivation
at times, even they will feel depressed at times, even they will need to watch motivational videos in social media platforms to get their mind back on track, it is common, the illness is common.


No matter what you do, no matter how much goodness you carry within you, no matter how much love you give out to the world, people are going to judge you, but, never stop giving love and goodness to the world just because of
those people. They are always ready to label you as alcoholic, chain smokers, man/woman with multiple sexual partners, etc.. but they will never point out your goodness, stop respecting those judgemental people and start living your life in the most beautiful way even though they call it weird. You are unique, the universe has better plans for you, no matter how worse the situation is, it is going to get better.

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