Little Known Facts About Popular Books

We often read about author facts and the most popular books by them. But, how often do we read lesser-known facts about a particular book that we really loved reading? Are you ready to know more about the books on your shelves other than their titles and authors? Here are six little-known facts about popular books:

  • The title Pride And Prejudice actually came from another novel. The phrase “pride and prejudice” is repeated several times at the end of Fanny Burney’s novel Cecilia. it is believed that’s where Jane Austen got the title for her most popular book. Burney was among Austen’s favorite authors, so it would make sense she was inspired and influenced by the writer.

  • Lolita was written on notecards. Vladamir Nabokov wrote the first draft of his famous Lolita on notecards. Not only did these tiny cards include the entire text of the novel, but he also used them to make edits, take notes, and even doodle.
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  • Fifty Shades of Grey is the best-selling book of all time in England. The Twilight fan fiction novel even beat out all-time hits like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

  • The “T” at the end of Voldermort is silent. J.K. Rowling confirmed that we have all been saying the name wrong. She revealed this tidbit of information during a round of answering some Harry Potter trivia. She stated the correct pronunciation, but then admitted that she’s likely the only one who uses it.

  • Vanity Fair originally had a subtitle. William Thackeray’s original title was “A Novel Without a Hero,” which later was added as a subtitle to Vanity Fair. Now even its role as a subtitle has been wiped out…

  • Carolyn Keene did not actually write TheNancy Drew Books. Carolyn Keene is the author that appears on the cover of the Nancy Drew books, but she is not a real person. Instead, Keene is a pseudonym standing in for several writers who worked as ghostwriters on the series created by the publishing icon Edward L. Stratemeyer.
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Facts about Nancy Drew Series

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