Must-Read Books by APJ Abdul Kalam

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was an aerospace scientist who served as the 11th President of India. He was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, and studied physics and aerospace engineering. His story is truly inspiring and a lot of people look up to him. Here are 10 books by him that you should read:

  • Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power within India

This book delves into the obstacles that are preventing India from rising up to the challenge of development. India has unmatched talent and ambition with an inherent tendency to work hard, then what is it that keeps India from overtaking the world. Why does India as a nation settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is well within the reach?

Dr. Kalam shares his dream of a nation that is unrivaled, he discusses how he has, from his experience, met such skilled people whose visions can transform the nation. It is imperative that one searches for own solutions and find role-models in countrymen instead of looking towards the other nations. India must not strive to be the next America or Japan but has to be the strong nation that she is capable of becoming. For this, all the trapped energies and initiatives need to be freed instead of suppressing them.

  • The Luminous Sparks: A Biography in Verse and Colours

The Luminous Sparks A Biography In Verse And Colours Written By Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, is a book of poems and biographical notes accompanied with matching and thought-provoking visuals, created by well-known painters, to nurture and bring out all that is kind, gentle and sincere in human nature. The poems and notes are presented as a panorama of incidents from, his childhood, his work life and present, gradually unfolding the moments that made these thoughts possible.

  •  Mission of India: A Vision of Indian Youth

Mission India: A Vision For Indian Youth has been written with the intention of challenging the Indian youth to bring about a positive change in the country by 2020.  He states that several developed countries have directed their efforts towards setting up research centres across the country, which has benefited scientists, engineers, and professionals from various spheres. At the beginning of this book, Kalam presents the readers with a question as to whether India can become a developed country. He then provides insights into the current situation in the country and explains that this goal is a realistic one.

  • The Scientific India: A Twenty-First Century Guide to the World around Us

The Scientific Indian will speak to every curious and adventurous mind; and especially to tomorrow’s scientists and technologists; encouraging us to dream big; and urging us to work hard to make our dreams come true. In The Scientific Indian; the authors of the path-breaking India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium return after ten years to the core areas of scientific advancement that are crucial today: space exploration; satellite technology; missile development; earth and ocean resources; the biosphere; food production; energy and water harvesting; health care and communications; to name a few. For each aspect; the authors provide the context of recent progress on the global platform as well as Indian breakthroughs; before outlining a pragmatic vision of technological development that will propel.

  • You are Unique: Scale New Heights by Thoughts and Actions

You Are Unique – A life Changing Book, The thoughts of A P J Abdul Kalam, in You Are Unique, with their heartfelt sincerity, chiseled logic, and experienced intuition are amazing lamps on the path of life, giving strength to seek one’s Unique Self. This book draws an unforgettable blueprint of success for all. One lesson that shimmers from every page of this book is hope.

  • Thoughts for Change: We Can Do It

The empowerment of Indian youth depends on the technological progress that can reform the policies of economic competitiveness and social prosperity by bringing in newer and groundbreaking changes. In the future of India the budding intellectual minds, therefore, can play a crucial role by igniting the spark lying within the human potential to reach the pinnacle of glory in our nationhood.

  • My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions

The book, ‘My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions’ is the life story of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, India’s famous scientist, and former President. Written with a powerful narrative style laden with significant experiences, Dr. Kalam has filled this book with the details that matter. This inspirational book has been published by Rupa Publications India in the year 2013.

The book reveals the famous story of how a simple child from Rameshwaram became the President of the world’s largest democracy. It is an extraordinary tale of India’s most celebrated scientist who along with his research found time for his fellow people and worked hard towards their development.

  • Forge Your Future: Candid, Forthright, Inspiring

“Forge your Future” is a well-written novel by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The story contains Dr. Kalam’s interactions with various people through emails, face to face meetings, and on Facebook, who discussed their problems with him and sought solutions. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam received near about 300 emails every day and he took out time to read those emails and revert with the best possible solutions.

  • Beyond 2020: A Vision for Tomorrow’s India

As Dr. Kalam and Y.S. Rajan had contended in their landmark vision document, India 2020, India has steadily moved towards becoming one of the top five economic powers in the twenty-first century. India’s growth story has seen new opportunities and emerging technologies that make faster and more inclusive growth viable. In Beyond 2020, Kalam and Rajan argue that a renewed policy focus is now needed for agriculture, manufacturing, mining, the chemicals industry, healthcare, and infrastructure to invigorate these sectors and boost economic growth. India can still make it to the list of developed nations in a decade. This timely book provides an action plan for that transformation.

  • Wings of Fire: An Autobiography

The ‘Wings of Fire’ is an autobiography by visionary scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who from very humble beginnings rose to be the President of India. The book is full of insights, personal moments, and life experiences of Dr. Kalam. It gives us an understanding of his journey of success.

The book recollects many anecdotes and stories from childhood, his time at school and college. The time spent at the Langley Research Center, NASA, and Wallops Flight Facility gets a lot of attention. Personal tragedies have not been left out. The time when he lost his father and how he felt when conferred with many awards like the Padma Bhushan have been written in much detail.

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