Must-Read Books By Gulzar

Gulzar has been a name to reckon with in the Hindi film industry and is one of India’s foremost writers in Urdu and Hindi. With a career spanning over 5 decades, Gulzar Sahab has written dialogues, screenplays, lyrics and even directed some of the most riveting films of Hindi cinema.

On the occasion of his birthday today, here is a look at some of the best books written by Sampooran Singh Kalra, or Gulzar Deenvi as we know him.

Do Log

Set in the backdrop of the partition. The book starts on one misty morning of winter in 1946 in a village named Campbellpur. A truck carrying people leaves the village after the announcement of the Partition. People in that truck do not have any idea about their destination and still in shock to think of the vague words ‘border’ and ‘refugees’. Gulzar’s first novel tracks the lives of the people in that truck right from 1946 up to the Kargil war.

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The book is a compilation of some of Gulzar’s poetry. Gulzar’s songs, Gulzar’s dialogues, Gulzar’s films, all have one quality-they carry the “rasa” of poetry because basically he remains a poet.

Mirza Ghalib

In this book, Gulzar portrays the life of the great Urdu and Persian poet Mirza Ghalib through the conversations of Ghalib himself with his family members and friends or acquaintances.

Raavi Par

Raavi Paar series is a short story collection with great subject matter and narrative poignance. The stories contain different flavors like serious, funny, ironic, or satirical from a man’s equanimous and compassionate perspective. Henceforth, Gulzar’s stories are refreshing, in spite of the human suffering and free from cynicism. Stories with the global theme, simple protagonists, day-to-day events of life are picturized with deep consciousness and sensitivity.

Paji Nazmein

This is a collection of his nazmein where we can find a different mood of Gulzar Saab where the words raise some kind of questions in the mind of the reader without asking it directly. These lines pinch us softly about the superficial and superfluous surroundings and self of human beings.

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Raat Pashmine Ki

The book is a compilation of some of Gulzar’s poetry. Gulzar’s songs, Gulzar’s dialogues, Gulzar’s films, all have one quality-they carry the “rasa” of poetry. If you’re a fan of Gulzar Saab’s poetry, this is a must-to-have as it contains almost all the famous poetries.

“Yeh raah bahut aasan nahi

Jis raah pe hath chhuda kar tum

Yun tanha chal nikli ho

Iss khauf mein rah bhatak jaao na kahin

Har mod pe maine nazm khadi kar rakhi hai…”

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