MYLA: Insurrection by Arjun Rao

MYLA: Insurrection by Arjun Rao is a thriller and mystery book. It hit the shelves on 30th January 2020. The book has been published by Notion Press. It is the debut novel of Arjun Rao.

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Stunned, and struggling to come to terms with the baffling murder of her entire family, Agent Myla returns home to find proof that there is a lot more to the situation than meets the eye. Her years of training and experience as an elite covert operations specialist has alarm bells ringing in her head.

As the bodies of family and friends continue to pile up,  Myla reacts in the only way she knows how, the only way she has been trained to – by picking up her gun. Mounting her own investigation, she finds evidence contradicting everything the Police have concluded. Evidence that points to a deep-rooted conspiracy aimed at bringing her out into the open. Exposed and unprotected.

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My first book, 'Myla – Insurrection' is now available. Meet Malaika Menon aka Agent Myla, a hard-hitting, Indian Army trained covert operative. Coming back home to face a stunning personal loss, she picks up her gun to fight back against the villains who perpetrated the crime. This is her story of loss, vengeance and self discovery, as she comes face to face with an evil unlike any she has ever faced before. If you like your fiction fast paced and action packed, this is the book for you. Amazon India – Amazon USA – Amazon UK – For Singapore & Malaysia – (Toggle between countries using the drop-down selector on the top right.)

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With the criminals, the Police, and her employers in the Army arrayed against her, can she stay ahead of it all and beat the greatest threat India has ever faced, or will she end up as just another bullet-riddled body on a cold tiled floor somewhere?

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