Mythology Books That Are Perfect For Kids And Beginners

best mythology books

Reading is such a great habit, it helps us gain so much information. If you are a reader who is looking to explore a new genre  then you should definitely check out mythology. Mythological stories not only keep you involved and intrigue but also impart wisdom and knowledge. So check out these mythology books that are perfect for beginners and kids.

The Gita: For Children

Mythology book for children

Bhagwat Gita is one of the most sacred texts of India. Usually children do not get into reading this vast and complex book. Roopa Pai came up with a beautifully written solution that attracts kids towards this, Gita for children. It has an easy language which kids can easily understand. The book is also full of pictures to keep the children interested.

The Shiva Trilogy


The Shiva trilogy  by Amish Tripathi is one of the best way to introduce yourself to the world of mythology. As is obvisioius from the name, Amish uses Lord Shiva as the protagonist in this series. The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of The Nagas and The Oath Of the Vayuputras are the books that constitute this series. The books are unputdownable and present an interesting take on the mythological tales of India. For more details about the trilogy, you can click here.

The Daughter from a Wishing Tree

This book by Sudha Murty throws light on women and their pivotal role in mythology. From Parvati to Ashokasundari and from Bhamati to Mandodari, this collection features enchanting and fearless women who frequently led wars on behalf of the gods, were the backbone of their families and makers of their own destinies. The book takes you on an empowering journey-through the yarns forgotten in time-abounding with remarkable women who will remind you of the strong female influences in your life.

The Palace of Illusions

This book by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni takes us back to a time that is half history, half myth and wholly magical. In this book Chitra gives voice to Panchaali, the fire-born heroine of the Mahabharata, as she weaves a vibrant retelling of an ancient epic saga.

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My Gita

Indian mythology

Devdutt Patnaik is arguably India’s most well-known mythologist. “My Gita” is his take on the book considered sacred in Hinduism. He attempts to demystify the text and tells us how he understands it while explaining the concepts along the way. His idea is to urge the reader into discovering their own interpretation of “The Gita”. The book is brought alive by the illustrations which are done by the author himself.

Lanka’s Princess

Former journalist turned writer, Kavita Kane has a knack for telling the stories of women who have been relegated to a marginal role in the epics. “Lanka’s Princess” traces the immediate cause of kidnapping of Sita by the demon-king Ravana and the subsequent Great War between him and Rama. In the titular role sits Surpanakha and the author makes a compelling case for her to be looked at differently than what the traditional version would want us to.

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