Neel Preet: Author Interview

Poetry has a charm to it. Poetry has a way of expressing our feelings and emotions like no other form of writing. When we at thenotoriousreader came across Voice From the East by Neel Preet, we knew we had to know more about the book and the poet behind it.

Neel Preet is an Indian Author, Columnist, and Writer who currently resides in New Delhi. He wrote his first book, Voice From The East at the young age of 21 which got published in May 2016, this book is a collection of 35 English Poetry, based on the theme of Self-Realization. While his second book, Journey With Time Place And Circumstances which got published in June 2018 is a Self-help book, based upon the Philosophy of Common Lifetime Experiences.

What inspires you to pick up your pen and write poetry?

The love for Literature and History has always been there within me and along with it, I’ve always been very passionate about writing poetry too. So, in this way, the things worked out really very well for me and adding more to it the experience which I gathered in my life at different stages, the ones filled with contentment or the upsetting ones had some real lasting impression upon me so composing poems became a way of expressing myself. Gradually, I started feeling that writing is actually my greatest asset and I should carry forward this task with more respect and ethics and that was the point when I got inspired enough to give a shape to my Collection of Poems as a Book. It was like the biggest dream of my life to write words worthy enough to get them published and this desire of mine had always been adding fuel into me to carry on my job of writing with even more discipline since I strongly felt that this piece of writing which I have written in over the period of time should come in front of the world someday.

Can you please give us some more information about your book?

Voice From The East is a well-versed poetry book having a collection of 35 very appealing poems with a colorful presentation of the various facets of  “Life”, “Joys”, “Sorrows”, “Pains”, “Hope”, “Victory”, “Morality”, and is
based upon the “Common Lifetime Experiences”. This book reflects the phases of life. The book consists of a vivid range of topics since these poems had touched a lot of subjects within them while some of these poetries possess very deep meanings trying to flash out the depth of the life experiences & the book is perfectly composed for the Readers and lovers of literature as in the process of touching the common aspects of human life some truly fine “Allegories”, “Sonnets”, “Free Verses”, “Fantasies”, “Ballad” and “Lyric” are used. Most of these poems are written with a sense of emotional touch to them and so there are some romantic as well as tragic poems in this book and furthermore some of these poems throw light on mythological subjects. historical events, religious sentiments, philosophies, Imaginations, and the environment for the Readers to feel the Essence of Life.

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Can you please tell us more about the kind of poems you write?

The poems which I write and the ones in this book covers almost all those topics or issues, which have impacted me deeply and to a great deal in my life and are based upon my personal experiences and learnings from the society, so I
believe that my poems can be themed as “Self Realization.”

Why did you choose poetry as a means of expression? Will you be trying your hand at any other genre?

The reason why I write poetry more often is because of the fact that poetry allows me to express my feelings in the most truest and honest sense! Composing poems is a very special thing for me and I write poems only when a very strong urge of expressing my inner feelings compels me to do so and this makes my poetry very organic! Yes, of course, I try my hands in other genres as well, I write a lot of lighted-themed fictional short stories, whenever some humorous ideas strike my mind. Also, my second book is a self-help one so I’ve also written a fair share of moral and philosophical scripts too.

When should we expect your next book? What will it be about?

My first book, “VOICE FROM THE EAST” which is a collection of poems was published and released worldwide in the year 2016 and a couple of years later, I got the opportunity to work on a Self-Help Book, which I co-authored
along with Author S.S. Gaur, this book “JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES” was published and released in the year 2018 and within a month of its release, it became Amazon India 4th BEST-SELLING Book.
While now again I’m working on a Fictional Novel, “THINGS MY FATHER SAID” which has a very plain yet deep Moral-Philosophical theme along with Author Ruchi Prabhu, who is published author with 3 books and hopefully very much in this year 2020, I expect to get this book published and released too!

If not a poet, what would have been the career of your choice?

I’ve always been a Writer, which has helped me to become a Poet and an author, so most of my work revolves very much around writing and along with composing poems and writing novels, I’m deeply involved in writing projects like Scripting Feature Films or Documentaries. In the year 2017, I have had the opportunity to write the script of a Feature-Film based on the “Achievements of the Indian Public Sector Undertakings under the Modi Government Rule” which was produced by Indian Journalist for Indian People (IJIP), an independent Media-Management body. Then again in the year 2019, I was landed with the opportunity to work as the Script-Writer of a Documentary highlighting the “Efficiency of Rain-Water Harvesting System in PM Narendra Modi’s constituency of Varanasi.” So, in this way, I’m deeply involved in the field of writing and now I really can’t imagine any other alternative apart from being a writer, author, and poet.

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Most people get stuck while writing poetry. What would be your advice to people who want to try their hands in writing poetry?

Writing poems is something that one should carry out with deep honesty. Poems that are composed by the expression of the poet’s true feelings are always better than the ones which are planned. Poems are very different from any other genre, poems shouldn’t be planned like a mystery-thriller or any fictional story. For a poet, the best way to connect with the readers is to compose poems in an organic manner and by picking up their pen to write only
when a very strong urge of expressing their inner feelings compels them to do so!

Can you tell us about your favorite poets/ poetess?

Some of my favorite authors and poets are Williams Shakespeare, O Henry, Robert Frost, Rabindranath Tagore, Vikram Seth, Ruskin Bond. They are many more names too but I must stop here otherwise the list will not end soon.

What do you like to do when you are not busy writing?

Since my world completely rotates and revolves around writing so, I tend to read and watch a lot of news, which are of constructive and informative nature so that I could utilize that vital information in my writing projects. Also, I love
watching cricket games and sometimes I even watch the old highlights of the cricket matches in my free time!

Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our readers?

Well, in order to answer this, I would like to utilize an extract of my poem TIME FLIES, from my first book Voice From The East: “Go for it because for all those moments that you would make up your mind the other might have
already rushed for it, One may never get to know how fast the time travels till the one gets in that position to race against the time.”

You can learn more about the book by clicking here.

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