Normalize Men Showing Emotions

We live in a world where men are considered weak, or less manly if they show their emotions. If a man cries or shows his weakness then he is made fun off. I for one don’t understand what the problem is with them being expressive. When little boys cry they are told that you should not cry like girls. Like, excuse me, since when did crying have a gender? I know some pretty badass girls who don’t cry.

Why is there this negativity surrounding men and emotions? I just don’t get how you become less of a man for having emotions. Traditionally men are supposed to be strong and the ‘protector’ and a provider so they try to portray themselves as strong. But nowhere is it written that a protector and a provider can not express how he feels. Let us take the example of Will Smit, a video of him crying has been doing the rounds on social media, and Twitter is flooded with memes. Why? just because he cried? The fact that his crying turned into a meme proves how we don’t value the mental health of men. Expressing emotions is very important for a person’s mental well being and if crying makes you feel better then you better do it.  Will Smith is just an example. He is one of the best people and I admire him.

Now think about the millions of men who bottle up their emotions and not talk about what is bothering them just because of a few people. It is high time that we normalize men crying and expressing themselves.

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