Reminder: You Don’t Need It Just Because It Is On SALE!

Most of us wait for brands to go on sale every year so that we can buy the things that catch our eye. Usually what happens is when we go out, or browse online like we currently are, we see a lot of things that are on sale and are tempted to buy it. In our excitement, we often forget to ask ourselves the most important question. ‘DO I REALLY NEED THIS?’

I have suffered from this, quite often than not, I buy things that I think I need just because they are on sale. It is only a few months later when I clean my cupboard with my mother helping me that she points out, “You haven’t even worn this once”. And me being the person that I am, I argue back saying I will wear it the next time I go out. There are so many clothes that I have worn just once or twice that I can’t even express how guilty I feel. And I know a lot of you might go through the same. The reason behind writing this article now is that there is a sale going on. Every single day I am bombarded with ads for sales on various brands whenever I use my phone.

I am here to remind you that even though you might like to treat yourself a little now and then but please be careful while shopping. Especially during a time like this when millions are losing their jobs. Before buying anything just ask yourself once. Do I really need this?

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