1. Author: Jay Morati
  2. Release:  30th November 2017
  3. Pages: 474 pages
  4. Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Fiction
  5. Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
  6. Language: English
  7. Audience:  Frequent Reader with interest in Romance or reincarnation
  8. Good Reads:–forbidden-love
  9. Buy Here:


She said it’s ‘the not knowing’ that scares her. Surprisingly, it will be the truth that she discovers which will shock her even more.
When Carmine Basie meets Renata Roberts, he has a spiritual encounter, triggering dreams of living with her in a previous life. Soon after his dreams occur, he is diagnosed with an inoperable cancer with only months to live.
Inspired by a clairvoyant, determine by fate, Carmine must know the true meaning behind his dreams before he dies. Convincing Renata to travel with him to a country town, together there they embark on a rollercoster journey of emotions. Discovering dark secrets about mysterious past lives they once shared, they fall in love – Renata is pregnant, and Carmine creates a mortal enemy. Separated by time, divided in love, is this the cycle of life and death that has turned, or is it the end for Carmine? 


This is the story of Carmine and Renata. Carmine is a man of about 50 years of age living in Australia. He works as a state manager for a construction supply company. Renata workes as a clerk in a local bank. Carmine starts having dreams and experiences which can be described as him recalling the memories of his past life. The strangest part was that the experiences and dreams that Carmine was having had another person who he recognized as Renata.

As the intensity of these experience increased Carmine realize that him and Renata were related very closely in their past lives and apparently have some unfinished business that had to be taken care of. Carmine was now curious to know if Renata too had such experiences and he was not the only one having such dreams. This would help him prove that those were, in fact the experiences of his past life and there is life after death.

The story then continue as Renata and Carmine travel to places and meet people trying to connect the dots of their previous lives and solve the mysteries of their existence. What they didn’t anticipate is how quest for truth can prove to be fatal to their lives.

Characters: The protagonist of the story is Carmine. He is also the narrator of the story. He is a man of Italian decent and lives with his wife and two children. He is very inquisitive man and when he starts having dreams and out of body experiences, he reads and researches a lot trying to understand his experiences. The idea that there is a life after death excites him and he undertakes a quest to search for the meaning behind his past life experiences. He is very honest and emotionally sensitive and that can be seen throughout the book as he empathizes with different characters. I feel like he had a capacity to get into other people’s shoes and understand their perspective.

Renee is a young woman who works in a bank. I found Renee to be a relatable character. She is sweet and fierce at the same time. She is skeptical initially when Carmine approaches her and is quite rude. But later on she is assured that Carmine’s intentions are honest and he doesn’t intend to take advantage of her on pretext of having dreams of their past life together. She is playful and sweet at times but also impatient and short tempered.

Language: Language used in book is very expressive and sophisticated. The author uses beautifully phrased sentences to express his emotions and the relatability of the characters increases even more. The pain and anguish, and also happiness and joy, everything is expressed in such depth that you can see how much author have felt such emotions himself. Full stars for expressions and language.

Narration: Despite having a great plot and page turning suspense, I felt like the story is a little weak in editing. As a result, the book feels a little stretched out. The story gets a little slow in middle but pace catches up by the end and climax.

Plot line: Plot line is unique. Even though I have heard stories of reincarnation and memories of past life, but I have never read any book that is so informative about this phenomenon. I was amazed to read how much of such memories and dreams can take a toll on the body physically. I loved the parts with Madam Olga. She was probably my favorite character since she was such a mystery throughout the book.

Final Thoughts

I loved reading this book even though I am not a fan of romance. The reason why I liked it was because author had incorporated the elements of supernatural and suspense to romantic story and it totally captured by interest. I wish the book had a little better editing as that would have made the narrative spectacular.

The story line is new and different and non-stereotypical characters make it even more interesting read. I would suggest this book to anyone who is fan of romance genre and love expressive language. Anyone who wants to read more about rebirth and reincarnation would also enjoy this book. Many congratulations to Jay Morati on such a fantastic work with his debut book. I can’t wait to read the next part.

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