Scariest Goosebumps Books of All Time

Best Goosebumps books

It is Halloween today and what better way to celebrate the day by re-visit the books that gave us sleepless nights as kids, yes I am talking about the Goosebumps books. Born Robert Lawrence Stine, the children’s author has created a legacy of terror so exhaustive, so widely-enjoyed, that many have come to label him the “Stephen King of children’s literature”. He’s sold over 400M copies of his books and his books still give us the creeps. Check out some of the scariest Goosebumps books of all time.

Welcome to Dead House

Goosebumps series

This was R.L. stine’s first book in the Goosebumps series. This book took a twist on the classic haunted house narrative. The Benson family movies into their new home in Dark Falls. After moving, they find out that everyone in their new town is a zombie—and that every year they require new blood. That fresh blood comes from tricking families into moving into the so-called “dead house” and then murdering them.

Night of the Living Dummy

Slappy literally made us question our own dolls. The toy dummy owned by twin sisters Kris and Lindy comes to life, begins acting evil and even claims that the twins are his slaves. Nothing can stop this dummy from doing what he wants.

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One Day at Horrorland

Who else was scared to ho to amusement parks after reading this book? This is one of the best books in the Goosebumps series. In Horrorland, if the rides don’t kill you, the horror monsters will.

It Came From Beneath the Sink

Goosebumps series

The idea of a monster living underneath the kitchen sink may seem ridiculous to an adult, but childhood’s fervent imagination created a host of unknown horrors living amongst the pipes. The monstrous sponges and terrifying under-sink creatures gave us one more place to check before going to sleep.

The Haunted Mask

The Goosebumps most likely to terrify the living daylights out of even adult readers, The Haunted Mask managed to create that perfect storm of psychological distress, playing on all our latent fears of both claustrophobia and demonic possession. The tale sees a shy, downtrodden girl attempt to seek revenge on pranksters by purchasing a mysterious scary mask. Except the mask doesn’t appear willing to let go of her face, transforming her into a total monstrosity hell bent on terrorising the local neighbourhood.

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Welcome to Camp Nightmare

Did you ever go to a summer camp as a kid? You will be glad that you did not have to go to this one. Here, the delight of Camp Nightmoon promise such recreational activities as, ‘being bitten by poisonous snakes’, ‘getting eaten by toothy creatures called the Sabre’, and ‘pretending to have fun in your letters home’.

How many of these have you read? Which is your favourite book in the Goosebumps series?

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