Sita’s Sister: Book Review

Sita’s sister written by Kavita Kane gives a voice to a character who is mostly neglected in our culture. Whenever we talk about Ramayan, we mention only the main characters. The exile of Ram, Lakshman, and Sita is the most talked-about subject. Who we forget to mention while talking about all the epic is Urmila, Lakshman’s wife, and Sita’s sister. The epic, written by Valmiki mentions next to nothing about the princess who exiled herself in the palace. Who stayed away from her husband for 14 long years so that he could keep his promise.

Urmila is the second daughter of King Janak and the least talked about character in Ramayan. Kavita’s book gives her a voice and brings about her significance in the epic. The book narrates the Ramayan from Urmil’s point of view. The book starts with the childhood of the 4 princesses of Mithila. Sita is the docile sister, Mandavi the headstrong sister, Shurtakriti the child. Urmila is the strong one, keeping all the sisters together.

The book traces their journey from the town of knowledge, Mithila to Ayodhya, a place where the woman do not question the authority of men, where they have almost little to no say in the matters of the court. The book talks about the women in Ramayan in a way that has never been done before. During the tough times, Urmila comes out as the most level headed and strong woman in the epic. She is the perfect balance of calm and chaos. Even though she was a victim of fate, she stood her ground and moulded herself to adapt to each and every challenge that life threw at her.

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My opinion

The book is very well written the events are described very well and in detail. The narrative flows very well. The reader is completely drawn into the lives of the main characters and feels their emotions. The author has done complete justice in portraying the character of Lakshman, the relationship between him and his wife working as a unit to overcome obstacles is also very well written. The book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective to the age-old epic.


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