Are Your Indian Food Habits Controversial? Play To Find Out

It is now time to find out who likes what. Do we Indians feel the same way about our food? Play this quiz to find out.

  • Butter paneer: same as butter chicken?

    • Yup, they are prepared the same way
    • Hell no! Don’t even think about it
  • Cold chai: reheat or drink as it is?

    • Reheat
    • Drink it the way it is
  • Maggi: soupy or dry?

    • Soupy
    • Dry. The way it is supposed to be
  • How do you have sambar with your idli?

    • Pour it all over
    • Sambar on the side
  • Roti sabzi: with spoon or with hands?

    • With a spoon. Hello hygiene
    • With hands. The way it is meant to be eaten
  • Chutney with dosa: yes or no?

    • Yes
    • No, sambar is enough
  • Aloo in your biryani: yes or no?

    • Yes
    • No
  • How do you mix curry with rice?

    • Pour it all over the rice
    • Dunk each spoon of rice into the curry
  • Ever turned your roti into a roll?

    • Yes. It easier that way
    • No.
  • Would you ever use your left hand to eat food?

    • Ewww. no
    • yeah, what’s the harm?

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