Do Your Harry Potter Villain Opinions Match With Others?

We have all grown up watching and/or reading the Harry Potter series. Some of us may have different opinions about all the bad guys in the book. Take this quiz to find out if your villain opinions match with others!

  • Who’s the bigger female villain of Harry Potter?

    • Dolors Umbridge
    • Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Was Draco a victim or villain?

    • villain
    • Victim
  • Did Snape deserve to remain a villainous character?

    • No, he had reasons
    • Yes, he was awful
  • Who was more evil?

    • Fenrir Greyback
    • Barty Crouch Jr.
  • What is the more villainous act?

    • Bellatrix killing Sirius
    • Dolohov killing Lupin
  • Who had the most evil teaching methods?

    • Umbridge
    • The Carrows
  • Did the Malfoys deserve to be pardoned?

    • Yes
    • Are you kidding me? No!
  • Was Voldemort the main villain of the series?

    • 100% Yes!
    • No, not really

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