This or That for book lovers

Here are a few questions that any book lover will have a hard time answering. See if your choices match with others around you.

  • Do you prefer bookstores or libraries?

    • Bookstore
    • Library
  • Old books or new books?

    • old books
    • new books
  • Hardcover books or paperback books?

    • hardcover
    • paperback
  • Dog-ear or bookmark?

    • dog-ear
    • bookmark
  • Reading outdoors on indoors ?

    • Outdoor
      Girl enjoy reading a book under the tree, laying on grass of park outdoor in morning
    • Indoor
  • Fiction or Non-Fiction?

    • fiction
    • Non fiction
  • Reading during the day or at night?

    • Day
    • Night
  • Audio-books or e-books?

    • Audio-books
    • e-books

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Written by Sanjana Vij

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