Do You Know The Full Forms Of These Abbreviations Used Regularly?

We are so used to listening and using the abbreviations of certain words that we sometimes forget what they actually stand for.

Will you be able to identify all of them?

Take this quiz to find out!

  • What does ATM stand for?

    • Automatic Transfer Machine
    • Automated Teller Machine
  • What does FIR stand for?

    • First Information Report
    • First Information Registration
  • What does HTML stand for?

    • Hypertechnology Markup Language
    • Hypertext Markup Language
  • What does PNR stand for?

    • Passenger Number Record
    • Passenger Numeric Registration
  • What does ISD stand for?

    • International Subscriber Dialling
    • International Specialized Dialling
  • What does SIM stand for?

    • Subscriber Integrated Mobile
    • Subscriber Integrated Module
  • What does PDF stand for?

    • Portable Document Format
    • Professional Document File Portable Document Format
  • What does HTTP stand for?

    • Hypertext Translation Protocol
    • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • What does AM stand for?

    • Ante Meridiem
    • Anti Meridian
  • What does SMS stand for?

    • Short Message Service
    • Short Message System
  • What does WiFi stand for?

    • Wireless Fidelity
    • Wireless Field
  • What does GIF stand for?

    • Graphics Image Format
    • Graphics Interchange Format

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