Only Someone Who Has Read the Harry Potter Books Can Answer These Questions

Everyone has seen the Harry Potter movies, but have you read the book? Only a true fan who has read the books will be able to give an answer to the following questions.

  • What colour are harry’s eyes in the book?

    • Green
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Gray
  • Which of these wizarding schools is coed in the book?

    • Hogwarts
    • Duramstang
    • Beauxbatons
    • All of the above
  • What’s the name of the poltergeist who haunts Hogwarts in the books?

    • The Bloody Baron
    • Peeves
    • The Fat Friar
    • Hankerton Humble
  • Which two Gryffindors are chosen as prefects in the fifth book?

    • Harry & Parvati
    • Ron & Lavender
    • Ron and Harmione
    • Neville & Parvati
  • How old is Sirius Black when Harry meets him in the third book?

    • 34
    • 45
    • 32
    • 50
  • Who are the first two free house-elves to work at Hogwarts?

    • Dobby & Hokey
    • Dobby and Winky
    • Dobby & Blinky
    • Dobby & Kreacher
  • Who gives Harry the idea to use gillyweed in the fourth book?

    • Dobby
    • Hermione
    • Neville
    • Hagrid
  • Who betrays Dumbledore’s Army in the fifth book?

    • Cho Chang
    • Justin Finch-Fletchley
    • Marietta Edgecombe
    • Zacharias Smith

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Written by Sanjana Vij

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