How well do you remember things from the ‘Hunger Games’ ?

Have you read the Hunger Games? Do you believe you remember all of it? Well, it’s time to find out.

  • Who is Katniss’s sister?

    • Primrose
    • poppy
  • what is the name of the day the when tributes are choosen?

    • Harvesting day
    • Reaping Day
  • Which district does Katniss belong to?

    • 9
    • 12
  • What was the name of Katniss’s stylist?

    • Cinna
    • Seneca
  • Which district is rue from?

    • 11
    • 8
  • What do Katniss and Gale bond over?

    • Swimming
    • Hunting
  • What is Finnick’s weapon of choice ?

    • Axe
    • Trident
  • Which training station does Peeta excel at?

    • Archery
    • camouflage
  • When does Peeta propose to Katniss?

    • During a live TV interview
    • During a train ride
  • Who was the president of District 13?

    • Plutarch Heavensbee
    • Alma Coin

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Written by Sanjana Vij

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