I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Score 100% On This “The Office” Quiz

Are you a true fan of The Office? Can you pass this hardest The Office quiz? Play to find out!

  • Whose birthday does the office celebrate when there are rumors that the company is downsizing?

    • Phyllis
    • Meredith
    • Kelly
    • Angela
  • During the office booze cruise, why does Roy finally set a date for his and Pam’s wedding?

    • He gives in after Michael persuades him.
    • He feels inspired after hearing the captain’s story of marrying his first wife.
    • He gets jealous after Jim accidentally reveals he likes Pam.
  • In the episode “Back From Vacation,” Michael returns to the office from a trip to Jamaica with:

    • Beads in his hair
    • A new haircut
    • Dreadlocks
    • None of the above
  • True or false: After she’s accidentally hit by Michael’s car, Meredith goes to the hospital for a sprained pelvis.

    • True
    • False
  • Which two employees accidentally wear matching outfits to work in the episode “Casual Friday”?

    • Angela and Phyllis
    • Pam and Meredith
    • Pam and Phyllis
    • Angela and Meredith
  • Who beats Michael’s pushup challenge by doing 26 pushups at the office?

    • Dwight
    • Stanley
    • Pam
    • Oscar
  • When Dwight temporarily becomes the regional manager and enforces strict rules, what’s the name of the uprising group that Jim pretends to lead as a prank?

    • The Social Club
    • The Rebellion
    • The Dunder Mifflin Misfits
    • The Fist
  • When Darryl and Toby compete over selling the most Girl Scout cookies for their daughters, who ends up winning by selling the most cookies to Kevin?

    • Darryl
    • Toby
    • It’s a tie
    • Neither of them wins

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