Is Your Knowledge About CoronaVirus Correct?

We are currently going through a pandemic because of the Novel Coronavirus. A lot of information has been circulating on the web about it. The question that arises in such a situation is whether the information you have is correct or not. Take this quiz to bust all the myths surrounding this pandemic.

  • How long does the novel Coronavirus survive outside the body?

    • A week in the air and on surfaces
    • Several hours to days
    • Up to two and a half weeks
  • What’s more important for preventing infection?

    • Frequent hand washing
    • Wearing a mask
  • What percentage of people confirmed to have Covid-19 develop mild or moderate symptoms?

    • 20%
    • 40%
    • 80%
  • What is a fomite?

    • A hospital-grade disinfectant
    • A contaminated object or surface
    • A disease carrier
  • What’s a safe distance to stay apart from someone who’s sick?

    • At-least 1 foot
    • At-least 3 feet
  • How much money have the world’s governments and central banks pledged in stimulus to counter the economic shock of the virus?

    • $1 trillion
    • Around $2 trillion
    • Almost $3 trillion
  • How soon can a vaccine for Covid-19 be commercially available?

    • 12 months
    • 16 weeks
  • Who’s at highest risk of developing severe Covid-19 disease?

    • People above the age of 60 or people with underlying medical conditions
    • Children
    • Pregnant woman
  • Can my dog give me Covid-19?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Can the Covid-19 virus spread in hot and humid climates?

    • Yes
    • No

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