This Is The Toughest Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Quiz You Will Ever Take

Are you a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fan? Have you seen the movie a thousand times? Do you know everything there is to know about the movie? Play this quiz to find out…

  • By how many hours was Rahul late to meet junior Anjali?

    • 2 hours
    • 3 hours
  • When does basketball feature for the first time in the film?

    • During the flashback scene, when Rahul and Anjali play against each other
    • When Rahul’s mom is persuading him to marry again
  • Junior Anjali finds her mother’s 8th letter under…

    • A gift wrapped in gold-coloured paper
    • A gift wrapped in blue wrapping paper
  • What does Rifat bi ask Sr Anjali to eat discreetly?

    • Kheer
    • Mithai
  • What’s the colour of Ms Braganza’s outfit when Mr Malhotra berates her for wearing a short skirt?

    • Yellow
    • Green
  • Tell the correct order: “Woh ___ hain, ___ hain, ___ hain, aur ___ hain. Lekin itne bure bhi nahin hain.”

    • Buddhe, khusat, taklu, and sadu
    • Buddhe, taklu, khusat, and sadu
  • Why do Mr Malhota and Ms Braganza ask Rahul and Anjali to perform in the college function?

    • The original performers were held back due to a curfew
    • The original performers were held back due to a flood
  • On which day does Rahul pray at the temple?

    • Wednesday
    • Tuesday
  • What’s Neelam’s show called in the movie?

    • The Neelam Show
    • Neelam’s Show
  • How does Sr. Anjali find out that Jr. Anjali is Rahul’s daughter?

    • When Rahul comes to meet them at the camp
    • Through a television program

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