Still Someone Calls With Closed Eyes: Guest Post

The house from this side belongs to Tamalika and
The opposite one to the royal-gambler;
Full of many aspirations and intense desires are there in
The hot courtyard of Chaitra; at leisure
Hoping to get something supernatural and miraculous,
The white lotus waits for a long time.
Morning runs out in such a way and samely the afternoon
Thus there ends also thirty-five noon
Even if coming a lot closer to say something;
The swollen-anklet get startled and halt; in a hurry
There lies a complete darkness in the fist of the night.
Gradually the shadow of Tamalika is tilted
The burden-bearer opens the chest of the clouds
The size of the grain grows rapidly
Henceforth, being a poem, there starts the rainfall
The fleet of poetry continues to grow
Gambler and his notebook keep notes of the script
And the café is in spate.
Who asks in the gold-coated noon?
The house to the next door was Tamalika’s
And the house on the other side was life-gambler’s
Get united in the full moon, but
There still remains the blunder in the equation!

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Meanings that you would want to know:

Tamalika – a grove of trees of the mangosteen kind

Chaitra – The 12th or Last Month in Bangla Calendar

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