Stop Forcing Your Views On Others

Each and every person on this planet is unique and different. All of them have a different mentality, ideology, behavior, thoughts, attitude to the same things and phenomena. Usually, since childhood, we stand on one path and follow it all our life.

The problem begins when a person tries to impose his/her beliefs on the other person. People form their views and opinions on things based on their personal experiences or from what they hear. The views and opinions of a person are very subjective and are prone to changes. Some people have very strict views while others have a flexible outlook of the world. What annoys me the most is when people try to impose their world views on others. This not only stops the growth of the person involved, but it also forms a barrier in their learning process.

I know there are somethings that our elders teach us that helps us move forward in lives and make decisions for ourselves. Times are changing, ideas are changing so what we have learned also needs to change. Forcing someone to follow your ideas is wrong. Each individual should be given space to explore the world and form their own opinions on things.

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