Stop Letting The Weight of Expectations Pull You Down

All parents have hopes and dreams for their children and if you live in India then there are more people who expect a lot more from you. Expectations in a way is a good thing, it is a vision. It may be related to something you achieve in your life. Or can be regarding small everyday things. The problems begin when expectations exceed our reality and capabilities.

We all dream of living up to the expectations people have from us. We too after all expect things from others. Almost every individual hopes of proving themselves worthy to their parents. But what most of us don’t understand is we are all born with limitations, and when expectations are set beyond those limitations, the consequences can be unfortunate. It is important for parents to realize this. Once a child grows up and is interested in things other than the ones the parents have envisioned, it is the parents who have to change their expectations. Just like you can’t expect a fish to fly, you cannot expect a child to agree with you on every decision they make in their life.

Sadly, a lot of parents don’t realize this. The burden on the child increases and sometimes the child does things that should not have been done. They either lose their self-worth, move towards substance abuse, or in a worst-case scenario try to take their lives. The children too need to realize that if someone is not willing to change their expectations according to your caliber, it is not a shortcoming on your part. You are a unique individual and you have to stop letting the expectations of others weigh down your life.

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