1. Author: Vikram
  2. Release: 16th December,2017
  3. Pages: 168 pages
  4. Genre: Mythological Fiction
  5. Publisher: Notion Press
  6. Language: English
  7. Audience:  Casual Reader with interest in mythology, clairvoyant and psychic abilities
  8. GoodReads:
  9. Buy Here:


Vikram is a special child with special powers. As he begins to discover the psychic abilities within him, he comes in contact with Dr. Myra, who helps him through a journey of self-discovery. Past life regression therapy helps him understand the glorious lives he has led in his previous births. Will this help Vikram understand the purpose of his current life? Can divine guidance help him cope with the effects of his past and help him realize his full potential? Will he get past the challenges on the way and fulfill his life purpose?


This is a story of Vikram, a successful lawyer in a well established law firm of the city. Vikram had always been a lonely child and had trouble making friends. He use to have strange unexplained experiences which could be termed at clairvoyant capabilities. He also exhibits abilities of being extremely determined and discerningly inventive.

Due to his abilities, he always stood out of the crowd and was misunderstood by his peers, parents, teacher and relatives. Vikram always knew he was different and had abilities to see his past as well as future life. He was haunted by some dark entities due to which he had trouble sleeping. So he decided to seek help from Dr. Maya, who using ‘Past life therapy’ helped Vikram decode his mysterious abilities and find his ultimate mission in life.

Characters: The protagonist of the book is Vikram. He is an introvert character who lives alone. He is very self aware of his abilities and likes the feeling of having power and control. He is extremely intelligent and smart and could easily work out the connections and decipher his dreams and experiences. He was always willing to learn more about his abilities and would meditate daily to enhance his capabilities. He was on a quest to understand the meaning of his life and was a man on a mission to change the world.

At times I felt his character was a little arrogant and considered himself above everyone else whenever he was in position of power. I wish his character was portrayed a little humble. Even though he was extremely good at his job as a lawyer and would occasionally impress his boss and judges with his talent, I felt like he had a weak work ethic.

Language: The language used is very easy to read and understand. The author had explained a lot of interesting concepts in a very simple language and hence was very easy for a layman like me to understand.

Narration: Vikram is the narrator of the story and his thoughts and inner monologue is expressed in the form of stream of consciousness. Within the chapters, the narration was good but I felt like there could have been better narration connecting the whole story together.

Plot-line: The plot-line and the concepts described in the book are very unique and new to me. While I have read about chakras, I was completely unaware of the concepts of Krishna consciousness, karmic relations, twin flame and many more. It was very interesting to know about scientific study on such subjects and how common these phenomenon are around the world.

Cover: The illustration and cover is breathtaking. The cover have an image of Shiva and a peacock feather along with a few faded out numbers.

Parents Guide: (might contain spoilers)

  • Sex and nudity: none
  • Violence/Gore: none
  • Profanity: none
  • Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: The narrator is a regular smoker. There is reference to marijuana in one scene. There are a few scenes where narrator is drinking whiskey.
  • Intense Scenes: none

Final Thoughts

This book is an amazing read for someone with interest in Hindu mythology or wants to read about reincarnation, psychic abilities or reading future. For me, all these concepts are new and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I can’t wait for next part of this book to know what happens in the story. 

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