Book one of the Maha Vishnu Trilogy, The Code of Manavas, is set some two million years past ad 2050, when earth as we know it ceased to exist and so did mankind. A new race, the Manavas, now exists on Bhoomi, the erstwhile Earth, which is divided into two cities—Madhavpur and Ayudhpur.


  1. Author: Arpit Bakshi
  2. Release:  20th July 2018
  3. Pages: 295 
  4. Genre: Sci Fi, Mythology, Fiction
  5. Publisher: Rupa Publications
  6. Language: English
  7. Audience:  Beginner reader with interest in Mythology and Sci Fi
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Book one of the Maha Vishnu Trilogy, The Code of Manavas, is set some two million years past ad 2050, when earth as we know it ceased to exist and so did mankind. A new race, the Manavas, now exists on Bhoomi, the erstwhile Earth, which is divided into two cities—Madhavpur and Ayudhpur. In the quiet and peaceful city of Madhavpur, a reclusive Krishna is busy with an immense task. He has to prepare a new abode for the Manavas before an impending apocalypse destroys them. He knows something that nobody else does—the Manavas are running out of time faster than they can imagine and there are no inhabitable planets to escape to. To make matters worse, there is someone in Madhavpur who wants to destroy Krishna and subjugate each Manava. The Manavas, it seems, are doomed. Yet Krishna knows there is a slim chance of survival for the Manavas, although there is a huge price to be paid for it. Will the various factions of the Manavas unite for the greater good? Will Krishna, who saved them during the turn of the last Yuga, be able to save them now? What will be the price to pay? Enter the mythical world of Maha Vishnu and get swept up in a fast-paced suspenseful narrative.


The Code of Manavas is a Sci Fi fiction set some million years in future where modern humans have evolved into species of Manavas. The Earth have also evolved into Bhoomi and most of the continents have sunk. Only two continents are left named Jambhu Dweep and Purva Dweep. Krishna is a brilliant scientist and holds the position of Chief Scientific Advisor in the Council that manages and governs the working of the city of Madhavpur on Jambhu Dweep. He is extremely talented and his ground breaking technological inventions saved the planet and human race from the extinction crises of twenty first century. His works also played major role in evolving the humans into much evolved species of Manavas who are immortal and don’t give in easily to primordial emotions like anger, rage and jealousy.

But now Krishna notices something wrong with his invention and another apocalypse is approaching. It is clear that their survival on this planet is limited. He tries to find a chance for survival but will he fight all odds and save the Manavas once again?

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The protagonist of this mythology based Sci Fi fiction is Krishna. He is a brilliant scientist and have impeccable cognitive skills. He played a major role in evolving the planet earth into Bhoomi and modern man into Manavas. He is displays a lot of characteristics that are considered to be mannerism of Lord Krishna. He plays a flute called Venu and enjoys long walks in nature. He is very selfless and dedicated towards his dharma and duty. The only thing that confused me a little was that all the male characters in the story are named after different names of Lord Krishna like Gopal, Mohan, Shyam etc. While this is such a heart touching sentiment, I got confused as my mind considers Gopal, Mohan and Shyam all to be the same person. So basically the characters got a little jumbled in my brain but I guess that was just a personal issue. 


The language used is very easy and descriptive. The author describes the people, emotions and locations in detail and it helps to fuel the imagination of the readers. There is some technical jargon used in terms of technology but I was able to skim those parts and get basic understanding of what is happening. Overall, the book is a smooth read and can be picked up by beginners.


Krishna is the narrator of the story and his thoughts and emotions are expressed in the form of inner monologue. He is the sole narrator and uses the stream of conciousness to describe the people and emotions.

Plot line: 

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The plot line of the story is unique but slightly predictable. I was able to guess certain parts of the story while reading. The story gets a little slow half way through and I wish there were more parts of eventful encounters in the new planet since I really enjoyed reading about it. The Sci Fi fiction set in mythology setting is definitely new and refreshing concept and I really enjoyed this fusion of genres a lot.

Other Thoughts:

One of the things that I felt was missing was the discussion on diversity of the Manavas. If the humans evolve another million years, I do believe it won’t be just Indians who would survive. I felt like there was a chance to include cultural diversity in such futuristic society especially in Madavpur which is considered fairly liberal with different languages or set of cultural norms. Acceptance and incorporation of such cultural diversity would have made it much more realistic for me to read.

Final Thoughts

This is a great book and I was hooked on till the very last page and couldn’t put it down. It will be particularly enjoyable for people who enjoy reading fusion of mythology genre with Sci Fi. When I first picked this book up, I expected it to be more mythology based with few subplots of Sci Fi. But to my surprise, it was the other way around. 

While reading, at a point I forgot that I was reading a mythological fiction because of which people who find it difficult to read non fiction mythology would enjoy it. This is the first book in the Maha Vishnu Trilogy, I can’t wait to read the next part. 

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