The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty: Book Review

the fisher queen's dynasty by kavita kane

The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty by Kavita Kane is yet another amazing mythological fiction by the author. The book tells us the story of Matsyagandha, Daseyi, Yojanagandha — the queen of Hastinapur, Satyavati. Kavita Kane has the gift to make the women sidelined by our society’s patriarchal narrative shine bright in her work.

The character of Satyavati is a complicated one. You will not know whether to like her or hate her. Sometime you will feel sorry for everything that she had to go through. But on other occasions you will feel like she deserves everything that is happening to her. Such is the power of the written word describing her life.

Abandoned as a baby and denied her royal birth, she was brought up amongst the fishing community. As she comes to know about her past, Satyavati makes a decision. She will become a queen, with the help of the one weapon she possesses – her sensuality. She uses it to gain eternal youth and a bewitching fragrance from a rishi, and she uses it again to seduce King Shantanu of Hastinapur into making her his queen.

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The book beautifully captures the relationship between Satyavati and Bhishm. Both of them have every reason to stay away from or hate each other but, they seek each other out. Bhishm is the only man Satyavati ever trusts and sees as her own. His presence constantly reminds her of what she has done but somehow she finds peace in his presence.

My opinion

The book is a beautiful exploration of human contradictions. It gives a piercing and insightful look at the grand matriarch of the Kuru family. The woman who set off the sequence of events that ended in the bloody battle of Kurukshetra. It is a must-read for any lover of Indian mythology. The book can easily be described as a masterpiece. The way it captures the complex emotions of a woman who is the reason for the fall of an entire dynasty is commendable. The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty will surely make you take a second look at the epic of Mahabharata.

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