The Harry Potter Series

If you don’t know anything about Harry Potter, you have definitely been living under a rock. Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. All of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There are 7 books in the series.

The Harry Potter series has also been made into a very successful movie series starring Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson among many others. Here is all you need to know about the books:

  • The Philosopher’s Stone (1997)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first novel of the series. It was published in 1997.

The story unfolds with a letter arriving for Harry Potter, a simple boy, that brings with it a dark secret. The letter reveals to Harry Potter that both his parents were wizards and were killed by a Dark Lord’s curse when he was just a baby.

Thereafter Potter’s journey to the Hogwarts, a school of wizards brimming with magic, mystery, and enchantment, spins out into a fascinating tale. After his journey to Hogwarts, young Harry learns of a missing stone — a stone that can be both terrifying and valuable at the same time, depending on who possesses it and how one uses it.

  • The Chamber of Secrets (1998)

This is the second book in the series and was published in 1998. Harry Potter’s summer has included the worst birthday ever, doomy warnings from a house-elf called Dobby, and rescue from the Dursleys by his friend Ron Weasley in a magical flying car! Back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his second year, Harry hears strange whispers echo through empty corridors — and then the attacks start. Students are found as though turned to stone… Dobby’s sinister predictions seem to be coming true.

  • The Prisoner of Azkaban (1999)

In this book, Harry with his friends Ron and Hermione, enter their third year in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. New adventures await them in their third year and everything changes when a mass-murderer going by the name of Sirius Black escapes the wizard prison of Azkaban and he is looking for Harry. But is Sirius really the enemy?

  • The Goblet of Fire (2000)

This is the fourth book in the series. The Triwizard Tournament is to be held at Hogwarts. Only wizards who are over seventeen are allowed to enter – but that doesn’t stop Harry dreaming that he will win the competition. Then at Hallowe’en, when the Goblet of Fire makes its selection, Harry is amazed to find his name is one of those that the magical cup picks out. He will face death-defying tasks, dragons, and Dark wizards, but with the help of his best friends, Ron and Hermione, he might just make it through – alive!

  • The Order of the Phoenix (2003)

In the 5th book, an unexpected attack was staged by a group of evil spirits called “dementors” on Harry and Dudley. Harry is saved and taken to Sirus Black’s home, which is also headquarter of the Order of the Phoenix, a group of wizards, led by Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Harry is informed about Voldemort’s return. Time is running out and Harry has to act fast. In order to protect himself from savage assaults of Voldemort, Harry has to allow Professor Snape to teach him protection spells.

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Harry knows that Voldemort will stop at nothing to find and kill him. Trouble starts one after another when Dolores Umbridge takes the place of professor of Defence against Dark Art in Hogwarts and starts torturing Harry. What will happen next?

  • The Half-Blood Prince (2005)

The fierce battle between good and evil continues in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with adventures, warlocks, and sorcery. Having fought with the feared Lord Voldemort, Harry’s teacher is now coming to inform him about some critical secrets before he enters the sixth year of his school. What will Professor Dumbledore tell Harry about the secret of the half-blood prince? How will it affect the destiny of young Harry?

  • The Deathly Hallows (2007)

This is the final book in the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is leaving Privet Drive for the last time. But as he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid’s motorbike and they take to the skies, he knows Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters will not be far behind. The protective charm that has kept him safe until now is broken. But the Dark Lord is breathing fear into everything he loves. And he knows he can’t keep hiding. To stop Voldemort, Harry knows he must find the remaining Horcruxes and destroy them.

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