The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling: Chapters 10, 11, And 12

I am reading and writing about J.K. Rowling’s new fairytale titled The Ickbog. So far I have made articles about the first nine chapters of the book. I will be attaching their links at the end of this one for your convenience. So here is all you need to know about chapters 10, 11, and 12 of The Ickabog:

Chapter 10

After promising the shepherd that he will go searching for the Ickabog, King Fred was very delighted with himself. He rushed upstairs to his bedroom, shouting for his valet to come to help him into his battledress. Meanwhile, the Chief Advisor was sending word throughout the City-Within-The-City that the king was setting off on a tour of the country. He did not mention anything about the Ickabog because he did not want the people to think that the King was foolish. But, the word got out and spread throughout the city. The King and his men rode out from the palace to travel to the marshlands.

Chapter 11

King Fred’s spirits rose higher and higher as he rode out of Chouxville and into the countryside. Word of the king’s sudden expedition to find the Ickabog had now spread throughout the country. The king decided to stop in the city of Kurdsburg to eat a late dinner. Early the following morning, the king was brought word by Major Beamish that the citizens of Baronstown were very upset the king had chosen to sleep in Kurdsburg rather than their splendid city. Eager not to dent his popularity, King Fred instructed his party to ride in an enormous circle through the surrounding fields, being cheered by farmers all the way, so that they ended up in Baronstown by nightfall. They were welcomed in the Baronstown by the people and serves the best food they had to offer. The next day, the king and his men set off again. This time they stopped at the city of Jeroboam.

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Finally, after traveling for so many days, the marshlands finally started to come to view. They rode on through the afternoon and at last, as the sun began to sink, they caught sight of the marsh where the Ickabog was supposed to live: a wide stretch of darkness studded with strange rock formations. Even after being advised about not going into the marsh late at night, the King decided to do just that. As the party stood looking out across the marsh, a thick white fog rolled over them so swiftly and silently that none of them had noticed it.

Chapter 12

Within seconds, the King’s party was blinded by the fog around them. The soft ground seemed to shift beneath their feet as many of the men turned unwisely on the spot. Trying to catch sight of each other, they lost all sense of direction. King Fred grew scared and felt himself sinking into the icy marsh. He started asking for help, the guards all began to clamor to get to him. The confusion deepened. Several of the Royal Guard had now got stuck in the bog as they tried to find the king. And then, out of the heart of the darkness, came an awful terror-struck shriek. ‘BEAMISH, HELP ME, I CAN SEE THE MONSTER!’ The fog started to thin and a slimy black-figure burst out of the wall of fog and launched itself at the two lords. It was none other than King Fred the fearless.

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The king was in a state of utter confusion and fear. He kept on saying that the Ickabog attacked him. He began describing it and tried to get back up on his feet. Just then, Captain Roach came towards the king. The king asked Roach to stay with him and told him that he had lost his bejeweled sword and boots. ‘I want my sword and my boots back! They’re over there somewhere,’ said the king to the Lords as he ordered them to find it.


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