The Portrayal Of Women In Songs Needs To Change

“Khelta nahi cricket, par le lun teri wicket.” These are the kind of songs that we are currently listening to. This song is just an example, but if you take any other song that has been released in the recent past, you will find that they objectify women in one way or another. In these songs, women are portrayed as creatures who either want something from you, queue ”  Jutti le de, Chudiyan le de, Le de menu Haar ve”, like we can’t buy such things for ourselves. Or there will be girls that will only love you till you provide them with luxuries things, ” Kudi kehendi pehla Jaguar le lau, fir jinna marzi pyar le lau.”

If someone is with you only because they want something from you then you need to call out this toxic behaviour and get out of the relationship asap. Women have always been sexualized in songs, don’t even get me started about music videos. But, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. There are so many sings that are released every year and the number of people who listen to songs is also no less. I have witnessed innumerable kids singing songs without even knowing their meanings. later, when they grow up listening to such songs, they feel that it is completely normal. People have highly impressionable minds, these songs lead them to objectify women and see them as people who always want something or the other from them.

The times that we are living in is very volatile. People are easily influenced and quick to judge. It is important that we provide them with meaningful and good songs. I am not specifically targetting the songs that I have mentioned earlier, even I have heard them numerous times. What I am trying to say is that there is a need for change and that the change should begin with us.

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