The Voice Of Children Matter too

We often tend to ignore what children have to say in most of the matters of our day to day life. Especially in our country, children are not given enough freedom to make choices or express their views freely. Most of the decisions regarding their everyday life and even big decisions concerning their future are taken by the parents. From what you are going to wear to what you will become, and in some cases even who you marry is decided by others.

We as a society need to understand that the opinions of children matter too. They might not be capable of making their own decisions at a certain age but they do gain experience as they grow up. They will always need some guidance but there is no use in dumping your decisions on them. This whole process leaves the children with low confidence and self-esteem. If they cannot express themselves inside their own homes then how will they express themselves outside? They turn into adults who find it difficult to cope with changing environments and lack confidence. Many feel like they are living a life that they did not choose and resent you for it. The feeling of frustration along with the pressures of the outside world has a deep impact on their mental health.

After not letting them make their own choices their whole life, you can not expect them to grow up and make the best decisions for themselves. It is important that we listen to what the children have to say. We need to take into account their thoughts and choices. Who knows, maybe, looking at things from their point of view might even change your perspective.

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