The Weight loss Club: Book Review

Can a Spiritual Guru Solve All your Problems?


  1. Author: Devapriya Roy
  2. Book Release date: 2013
  3. Movie: 
  4. Pages: 297
  5. Audience: Occasional reader

The Weight Loss Club by Devapriya Roy is a warm and witty novel which highlights social stigmas faced by average middle class families in India. As the name suggests, it talks about living, loving and losing weight.

Set in a middle-class bengali housing colony, it spans across many characters of different age groups, situations and circumstances. Reader feels a personal connection with these characters each dealing with their own struggles such as:

  • Monalisa: Stay at home mother having same OCD for her children’s marks as for spick-span shiny table tops.

  • Meera: A young woman struggling to be an ideal daughter-in-law for her traditional mother-in-law.

  • Treeza: Bright and confident school secretary who suddenly falls into severe depression.

  • Abeer: Teenager who falls hopelessly in love with a girl dating the most popular boy of the class.

  • Aparajita: Professionally successful PhD whose mother is straight out of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice trying desperately to get her married.

  • Ananda: Middle-aged bachelor living with his old mother.

  • Sandhya: Half hippie, half saadhvi, full spiritual guru who seemed to have jumped straight out of the movie Eat, Pray, Love. 

So whether you are a teenager struggling to impress the pretty girl or mature adult unable to tackle your kids, this story have something in store for everyone.

This is a simple story of self realisation without any mind-boggling twists, turns and frills of a thriller novel. Not only is the novel extremely relatable also it teaches how big issues in our life might have some very simple solutions.

I enjoyed reading as it was very relatable but also struggled to finish it as it as it lacked the thrill of a mystery genre which I personally like to read. 

Comment below if you would like to know about my all time favourite mystery and thriller novels.

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