There Is Nothing Wrong With That Ad!

Tanishq Ad

Here I said it, There Is Nothing Wrong With The Ad. You know which ad I am talking about. It is the new Tanishq ad which the company was forced to take down due to public pressure. In the ad, a Muslim mother-in-law plans a Godh-Bharai (baby shower) for her Hindu daughter-in-law. People have been growing crazy after the ad. There are people who have been responsible for the hashtag boycott Tanishq to trend on Twitter and there are also people who went to a Tanishq store in Gujrat to ask the manager to issue a written apology on behalf of the company.

What are these people trying to prove? I have honestly failed to understand. In India, both Hindus and Muslims have been living together peacefully and inter-religious marriages are not unheard of. A lot of people do it and we really don’t need to look far for such couples. We have quite a few examples in Bollywood itself. When these marriages take place people are very likely to adopt the customs and practices of the other person. A lot of people do this and will continue to do this. If a mother-in-law who wants to make her pregnant daughter-in-law feel loved and cared for makes you want to boycott a brand then you are living in a different India than me. In my India, people are there for each other and celebrate festivals together be it Eid or Diwali. Inter-religious couples live a happy life together where they celebrate their differences and together build a life for themselves.

In response to the hashtag, a lot of people came together on social media to share their personal stories of marrying someone who was not of their religion. Let me tell you, each and every one of those stories was beautiful. From celebrities to the common man these stories reflected the true spirit of our nation. Love does not see the religious boundaries that we have made and neither should we. India is a secular democracy and if you fail to understand that then you, my friend need to go back to school.

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