Tips for Preparation for Final/Board Exams

Board exams are what every student fears about, Right?

Examinations play a significant role, not only in education but also how to perform under pressure. It helps to realize where we stand in studies among our peers and moreover, the marks obtained in exams are the basis for getting selected in particular stream or college. So it becomes important to score well to reach heights.

There are various steps that a student can follow to prepare for exams and score well. Let’s have a look at them.

Make a realistic plan

Making a plan before hand can help in preparing better for your exams. You don’t just have to dive straight into it but think things through first. Know your weak areas and give more time to these areas. Prioritize the things and work according to the schedule. But keep in mind that the schedule is realistic enough for you to follow through. Make your own personalized unique schedule and make changes as you go to suit your preferences.

Be specific

Do what you need to do and be specific about what you are going to prepare and when. This way the plan can be followed and you will be able to remember things properly. And, you don’t need to refer too much of reference material close to your exams. Stick to the limited number of books prescribed by your school.

Time management

Try to complete within the planned time frame otherwise you may end up with chapters not done or revised before. Never sit with one subject for the entire day instead, mix-match and pick any two subjects for a day and work on each subject in that specific time. Taking adequate breaks while switching to another subject will also reduce boredom as well as it will enable you to finish the portion simultaneously with all subjects, in a planned way.

Knowledge of the Syllabus

Some students are not aware of their syllabus but it is important that you must be well aware of the complete syllabus before you start preparing for your exam. Make a priority chart according to weight-age of each topic and how well versed you are with the subject and accordingly start preparing for it giving more importance to the topics that hold more marks or need more practice.

Test Yourself

You may read, learn and understand the concepts very well but no matter how much you study, your mind retains only some part of it. However, a student shall always remember more of what he/she writes than he/she reads. Thus, it is important to test yourself and practice more and more. Solve sample papers or take mock tests as much as you can. As it is rightly said, ‘practice makes a man perfect’.

Although exams are not the true test of our lives, they definitely help us be prepared for what future holds for us. The process of preparation of exams will help you to become better prepared for realities and pressures of life and how to deal with them.

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Written by Tanu Dhiman


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