Truly Madly Guilty: Book Review

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty does not deliver. This is the second book by the author that I picked up after really liking The Husband’s Secret. One of the biggest reason why I picked up this book because the title really intrigued me.  But boy was I disappointed. The story revolves around three couples whose life changes one fateful afternoon after a barbeque.  You will keep reading the story hoping for a reveal or a twist that will never come.

Erika and Clementine have been friends since they started high school. This friendship happened not because Clementine wanted to but because she was forced to by her social-worker mother. Erika was awkward and quiet and usually alone in the playground and even she was surprised when Clementine sought her out that day. Both of them are married and still in touch with occasional dinners and lunches. Clementine has two daughters who everyone adores. Once when the couples were getting together, Vid a neighbor decides to hijack the meeting and calls everyone to their house for a barbeque. And thus the incident around which the entire book revolves takes place.

It is not unusual for Liane to make some ordinary people do extraordinary things in her book. But this book starts with ordinary and stays that way. The book takes too long to establish the characters, too long to build up to the promised shocking event, and then it takes too long to get to the end of the book. But it would have been worth it if the end was amazing, which it was not.

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My Opinion

I personally like the way Liane Moriarty writes but I would personally not recommend this book to people. The title might sound intriguing but don’t be fooled. You can check it out if you really need to know what happened but don’t tell me that you weren’t warned.

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