Understanding Cyber Crime

We live in a society that is heavily dependant on technology. It is difficult for us to even imagine life without our phones and laptops. We use them for everything, without even realizing how much personal information is saved on them. With the rise in technology, crimes related to it have also increased. What is cybercrime? Cyber Crime refers to the use of an electronic device for stealing someone’s data or trying to harm them using a computer. Cyber Crime is a violation of not only law but of human rights too.

Speaking in a broadway we can say that Cyber Crime is categorized into four major types. These are Financial, Privacy, Hacking, and Cyber Terrorism. In financial crime, cybercriminals steal the money of users or account holders. Also, transactions are heavily risked because of them. Every year hackers stole lakhs and crores of rupees of businessmen and government. Privacy crime includes stealing your private data which you do not want to share with the world.  In, hacking cybercriminals intentionally deface a website to cause damage or loss to the public or owner. Apart from that, they destroy or make changes in the existing websites to diminish its value.

In this Age of Technology and easy access to the internet, anyone can easily have access to your information. The internet has opened a world of information on which anyone can connect. Due to this the rate of crime especially the rate of Cyber Crime has increased much fold. Moreover, the rate of circulation of data is also increased much fold due to the higher speed of the internet. Above all, due to all these issues, the Cybersecurity has become a major concern for society.

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