Understanding The Caste System

The caste system is unique to the Indian subcontinent. It is basically a system that separate peoples on the basis of their caste. In accordance with the caste system, people can be divided based on two things. They are namely, on the basis of the kind of work they do and on the basis of the colour of their skin.

According to the caste system, society can be divided into 4 varnas. These are Brahmins who constitute the intellectual elite. Secondly, there are Kshatriyas whose duty is to protect the people. These are the rulers and warriors of the olden days and statesman and politicians of modern days. The third group is of those people who produce wealth and engage themselves in trade, commerce, banking etc. These people constitute the third group, the Vaishya. Finally, all the rest of the members of the society who are workers constitute the Sudra group.

In our society, the first three groups are held in high regards. It is the last group, known as the Sudras who are looked down upon. There was a time when even the shadow of a Sudra was said to pollute a person belonging to a higher caste. Sudras were treated with indignity and were not allowed inside temples. They had to live on the outskirts of the city and faced a lot of discrimination.

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Though in the present day, things have changed and people are getting more aware and educated, not much has changed. There are still people who believe in the repressive caste system. People belonging to the higher castes still feel that they are superior to others around them. Lower caste people are still looked down upon and not treated as equals. India has a long way to go before the caste system is completely eradicated.

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