The Book conveys a message from the master spirits at the end of each chapter also referred to as the message from ‘the space between lives’ . Here we are mentioning the teachings below. We believe these would surely help you at some point of life:-

About The Book:-

The book was originally published in the year of 1988 and has made a business of millions since then. The book never went out of trend for the reason that it’s an eye opener for those who are skeptical and do not believe in existence of spiritual sciences and are firm believers of proven sciences. The book is based on the true story of Dr. Weiss and his young patient Catherine who experienced past life regression while the hypnotherapy sessions conducted by Dr. Weiss. Her regression not only explored the reasons behind her traumas and anxieties but also made some revelations about doctor’s dead son which was convincing enough to make doctor believe in the concept of reincarnation.