Want to read The Witcher Series? Here is a guide to help you

the witcher series books

The Witcher is a fantasy series of novels and short stories written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The series revolves around the titular “witcher”, Geralt of Rivia.”Witchers” are beast hunters who develop supernatural abilities at a young age to battle wild beasts and monsters. Most of you have recently seen the first season of the Netflix show and have been left wanting more. I have got you covered. Here is the best way to read the books to keep you occupied.

The Reading Order for The Witcher Series Books

The short stories of The Last Wish come first in the chronology of The Witcher universe, and provide the ideal introduction to Geralt of Rivia, sorceresses Yennefer of Vengerberg and Triss Merigold, and singing bard Dandelion.

Indeed, events in the stories ‘The Witcher’, ‘The Lesser Evil’, ‘A Question of Price’, ‘The Edge of the World’ and ‘The Last Wish’ form the basis of Geralt’s arc in the first season of the Netflix show – we meet the Striga, learn how Geralt became known as ‘the butcher of Blaviken’, and see the origin of the ‘Law of Surprise’ that ties him to Princess Ciri.

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Although the standalone Season of Storms was published after the five saga novels, the events of the book take place around the same time period as The Last Wish. It’s not essential to the overall story arc, but completists may find hints of things that will later come to pass in the main saga.

The stories in Sword of Destiny, meanwhile, introduce the young Ciri. The book’s final tale, ‘Something More’, shows the fall of Cintra (a key event in the first episode of The Witcher TV show), and serves as a prequel to the quintet of saga novels.

The five saga novels, then, are Blood of ElvesTime of ContemptBaptism of FireThe Tower of the Swallow and The Lady of the Lake.

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