We bet you did not know these facts about these famous authors

There are so many times when we feel happy or sad because of the work of our favorite author. We often wonder what they were like and how did they manage to write such amazing books. Well, here is a chance to find out more about their lives. Here are a few interesting facts about your all-time favorite authors that not a lot of people know.

  • Jane Austen almost died at the age of seven. Jane and her sister Cassandra caught diphtheria while in Oxford. Thankfully, Jane’s cousin sent a letter to her mother who rushed to her two daughters with an herbal remedy.
  • Lewis Carroll was terrible at finances. Although he paid his debts on time, he would often overdraft upwards of £7,500. This is all the more ironic as Carroll was a mathematics scholar at Oxford.
  • George Eliot was actually a woman. Mary Ann Evans wrote under this pen name because women authors were not as highly regarded as men. As George Eliot, Evans wrote several novels considered among the best of all time.
  • Salman Rushdie wrote a copy for Ogilvy & Mather before he made it as a writer.  He came up with several famous campaigns, including “naughty, but nice” and “irresistibubble!”
  • J. R. R. Tolkien, the author of Lords of the rings worked as both a scholar of languages and on the Oxford English Dictionary before writing his bestselling novels.
  • William Shakespeare‘s legacy survives not only in his many plays but also in his contributions to the English language. Did you know these phrases originally came from Shakespeare?
    • dead as a doornail
    • fair play
    • all of a sudden
    • in a pickle
    • night owl
    • wear your heart on your sleeve
    • star-crossed lovers
    • off with his head
    • green-eyed monster
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the inventor of the Sherlock Holmes series, had a very public friendship with master illusionist Harry Houdini. However, once Houdini heard that Doyle believed in spiritualism and thought Houdini had real magical powers, the friendship swiftly ended.
  • Emily Brontë had a very faithful pooch! Her dog, named Keeper, actually followed Brontë’s coffin to her gravesite in 1848 and was said to whimper by Emily’s room for weeks after her burial.
  • Percy B. Shelley was one of literature’s first prominent vegans. He was persuaded to start this diet after he read the work of Dr. William Lambe and John Frank Newton, both of whom wrote the first tracts in the English language advocating a vegan lifestyle.
  • Emily Dickinson was one of the most reclusive poets in American literary history. From the 1850s till her death, Dickinson mainly stayed within her Amherst family home and only went outside to tend to the garden. She didn’t even leave her upstairs bedroom to attend her father’s funeral downstairs.
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