What is Racism And Why It Is Wrong?

Racism refers to prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. We would all love to believe that we have evolved and don’t promote such concepts or are not part of activities that promote racism. But that my friends, is not true. Racism is so ingrained in our system and way of living that sometimes we don’t even notice it.

It is present in small things, one look. One comment. One insult. One joke. That is all it takes for you to become a racist. And if you think you have not faced it or that it does not exist, then you are extremely privileged. During the past 500-1000 years, racism on the part of Western powers toward non-Westerners has had a far more significant impact on history than any other form of racism. The most notorious example of racism by the West has been slavery. Slavey was based on the belief that Black Africans were less fully human than white Europeans and their descendants.

Racism violates moral norms of equal respect. The whole concept is integrally tied to race-based systems of oppression. It violates principles of justice as the principle of equal liberty or the difference principle. The world is changing and the race of a person does not define his/her capabilities and traits. It is high time we start valuing individuals and judge them on the basis of their work instead of their race.

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