1. Author: Aziz Padiwal
  2. Release: May,2015
  3. Pages: 180
  4. Genre: Fiction, Romance
  5. Publisher: Power Publisher
  6. Language: English
  7. Audience: Beginner Reader
  8. GoodReads: Goodreads Review


Set in the year 2014, an experience of a young man in his late twenties who has lost every emotional war in his life. He blames himself and is always on edge. He is losing a last remaining shred of hope of finding true love, when he comes across a girl who changes everything. Suddenly his entire world turns upside down and his happiness knows no bounds.

But like every other aspect of his life, his relationship is twisted in more ways than one.

This time however he has to decide whether he was to be blamed? Or had there been something else ruining it all along?


What was my fault is a story of Farhan living in Kuwait with his mother. He had bad luck with love in past and now in his late twenties is struggling with loneliness and lives with constant stigma of a failed love life. Farhan feels like he had been outcast of the society and thinks that society now views him from a stained mirror of stigma.

His mother wants him to get married again as she feels it will help him cope up with his past and the constant loneliness and unhappiness that plagues him. Being a concerned mother she wants Farhan to have a fresh start and leave behind the past. They decide to visit India to attend a family function. Farhan was reluctant to meet his family and relatives since he know that they will bring up his past and discuss about it behind his back. He would be pressurise to get married and get settled. But given no choice, he had to accompany his mother on this trip.

In India, he meets a young woman named Zoya and Farhan feels an instant connection like he had never felt before. Zoya is young, beautiful and intelligent woman and seem to reciprocate the attraction that Farhan feels towards her. Farhan wants to keep distance from her given his bad past and was hesitant to get in a relationship with her but he couldn’t seem to stay away from her.

He finally tells her everything and his happiness held no bounds when Zoya loves and accepts him with all his flaws and baggage of past. Suddenly it looks like life has taken a turn for better for Farhan and his bad luck with love is finally over. He starts to hope and dream of a future full of happiness and joy with the person he is deeply in love with. But he soon discovers that his feat with bad romance has not ended and one of his worst nightmares come true.

Language used in the book is very easy and beginner friendly. The author expresses well without complicated sentences or difficult words. There was nominal description of surroundings, emotions and and places. There is neither over saturation of descriptions nor complete lack of. Just enough to keep the imagination going. The plot is fairly predictable and there are no twists and turns to look forward to. I believe this is something that a young teenager/beginner reader would enjoy who have interest in love stories.

The ending was a little bit abrupt and sudden. I felt it was a little incomplete and could have benefitted from an epilogue. The final chapter involves a rant by the author on the stigmas attached to his life and due to the factors that were not in his control. He expresses his frustration on being blamed for something which was somehow not in his control and finally decides to get rid of his guilty. He decides that he will stop blaming himself  and stop his past choices and actions define him or his future.

The book raise an important issue in which author describes the problems and hardships that get attached to someone who have a failed marriage. But the issue that was not addressed properly in the book was about mental health. I wish the author had shown the positive attitude towards mental health victims and tried to raise awareness about it.

A seasonal reader would probably not enjoy it due to lack of sophisticated writing and articulation, hence making it suitable for a beginner. I am not a fan of the cover of the book. I feel like better and more appealing illustration could have been used.

Final Thoughts

This is a very short read with fairly easy language. I was able to complete it in one day. For a beginner reader with interest in romance, it would be a good read. The seasonal reader might not enjoy it so much due to simple language and abrupt ending. Suitable for people wanting to know more about stigmas attached to failed relationships and love.

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