1. Author: Manish Kumar
  2. Release: 6th November,2017
  3. Pages: 152
  4. Genre: Romance, Fiction
  5. Publisher: Srishti Publisher
  6. Language:English
  7. Audience: Beginner, Interest in poetry
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True love never dies. It is redefined every time you feel it.
When Nish falls in love, little does he know the impact it is going to
have on his life. Hailing from conservative backgrounds, love is
nothing less than war with the world for the lover and his beloved.
Albeit limited communication, they still dare to dream of a life
together. But with the pressure of attaining stability in life, he finds it
impossible to chase his dreams endlessly.
An unassuming man from a modest background, he fights helplessness
and challenges thrown at him by life, only to learn precious life lessons.
His faith in God gives him the strength to move on and find his calling
in writing and poetry.
When Love Happens… is a tale of shattered dreams and redemption, of
fear and fortitude, and above all, of the indomitable human will.


This is a story of a young man who falls in love with a girl from an extremely conservative and traditional family. Nish is head over heels for this girl whom he refers to as ‘G’ throughout the book. He is pretty young and naive when he falls in love. They start a secret relationship and the only way of communication is via written notes. G is not willing to put her family in line and values their honour and because of which she breaks up with Nish several times. This leaves Nish heart broken and vulnerable. He narrates the incidents of his life as how his failed love story put a strain on his education and leads to a difficult career ahead.

The story does not have a lot of dialogues and seems like most of the story is conveyed through the thoughts of protagonist. It sounds a lot like a memoir narrated by the author. The protagonist is extremely simple character with black and white judgement. He seems to be incapable of being in other people’s shoes and this lack of complexity in his character makes the reading a little predictable and mundane.

Personally, protagonist is not at all relatable which is not necessarily a bad thing. I just happen to enjoy the characters who dwell in the grey areas of life. The plot line is very simple since a lot of narration actually feels like a story of his life rather than any fictional story. The genre seems to shift from romance to self help nonfiction while I was reading. The language is extremely easy to understand and should not have any issues for a beginner. But for a seasoned reader, it might be a bit casual and unsophisticated. I wasn’t a fan of the cover and I feel illustrations could have been better.

But the star of the story is hindi poetry and poems included after each chapter. Best part was that these poems actually come with English translations which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly suggest author to publish more poetry books as I can see it performing very well. One of my favorite one was:

Chali hai phir purwai, udh ja dhago ko liye sang,
Hawa bhi hai sang, chal de lehra ke hoke mast malang..
Tere sang hai kai, tere rang hai kai..
Tujhe jana hai door, bhar le umang..
Hoja nazron se ojhal banke tarang.. chal e patang, chal e patang..

[The wind is easterly yet again, fly away.. fly away with your cord behind you.
Dancing in the breeze, leaping and soaring, fly away. Many more are flying with you, you have many shades to you..
You have a long way to go, keep close your passions and desires
Disappear like a wave, invisible to the eye.. fly away, fly away.]

Final Thoughts

Read this book if you are a fan of Indian poetry as there are some really good poems included after each chapter. The story, however, is not unique and lacks a certain plotline and direction. A beginner reader who like to read stories based on Indian background would enjoy it. I would say this is not a bad book for a debut author. I see a lot of scope for improvement in terms of storyline and a lot of potential for poetry which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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