When Will Women Be Able To Make Decisions About Their Bodies?

Women and their bodies

Throughout history, we have seen that women have been told what to do and what not to do. First, it was thought that women could not become efficient rulers or do anything that was outside the household. Then, in the recent past, women were not allowed to vote for a very long time. Women have had to fight, even for their basic rights. Throughout history women have been treated as secondary citizens they have been told what they can and cannot do. This continues even with their bodies.

Can you imagine telling a man the same things that you tell a woman? Will you ever ask a man walking down the road to smile more that he looks more attractive? Will you ask him to wear less revealing clothes so that he does not attract unwanted attention? The answer is no. We do these things to women and think that it is okay. Now, the government of Poland has decided that it can tell women if they can have abortions or not. On October 22, the court of the land, deemed abortion due to fetal defects to be unconstitutional. This has led to a nationwide protest all around the country. On Friday, one hundred thousand people took to the streets of Warsaw to protest against this new law. It was one of the largest demonstrations seen in the country in decades, and women are at the center.

Women are fighting for the right to make a decision for themselves again and it is high time that we support them. It is the woman who has to go through the 9 months with the baby inside them. They have to take care of the baby for the rest of their lives and if they do not want to do it, IT IS THEIR CHOICE. If abortions are made illegal then women will have to resort to ways that will not be healthy and safe. Thus, putting their own lives in danger.

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We need to allow women to make their own decisions, especially in matters that concern them directly and are regarding their own bodies. Those who might wonder why I am writing about this need to realize one thing. Yes, abortions are legal in India but given the current situation of our country, I won’t be surprised if that changes.

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