Why Cracking Homophobic Jokes Is Not Okay

Everyone loves a good joke. Everyone loves to have a good laugh and why not after all its the best medicine in the world. But, some jokes take it too far. They are aimed at a particular group and are in a way degrading and insulting to them.

These jokes make fun of a person’s sexual orientation. They derive humor in degrading the other person and targeting them. These jokes present stereotypes, repeating oversimplified, usually negative views about a group. Through these jokes, false and disrespectful statements are brought into the present conversation. Everyone who heard the joke is reminded of the stereotype. These jokes portray the groups as less human and less worthy of respect. Thus normalizing their poor treatment. People who hear such jokes feel that it is normal and acceptable to do so.

We need to realize that these jokes are derogatory and disguise insult and disrespect in the form of humor. They are aimed at oppressing that particular group. We need to stop cracking such jokes. We often don’t take them seriously just because they are ‘jokes’. Jokes are meant to provide laughter and happiness, not abuse and disrespect. Please be careful about what you consider to be a joke. Please call out people who crack these jokes so that they know it is not okay.

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