Why I might never go to a Cinema ever again…

impact of covid-19 on cinema

Covid-19 has bought about an uncertain time in our lives which no one expected or was prepared for. Many movies have been made all over the world predicting the end of the world. Either the entire world is consumed by a zombie pandemic and the entire human species is annihilated. Or some alien species take over the earth and that is the end of humanity or sometimes the planet earth.  Covid-19 was definitely not something which anyone saw coming. This pandemic has completely changed our everyday life all over the world. There have been so many discussions about how COVID-19 has changed the ‘normal’. We have slowly adapted to new ways of travelling, working and entertainment.

Going to the cinema used to be one of the staple weekend activities for me. That was of course before Covid 19 hit. Catching up with latest release is something I and my husband use to do frequently. This was not because we were major cinephile. But because there was nothing else to do in the small city like Ludhiana. But due to all the cinema shutting down and absolutely nowhere to go due to the pandemic, we have been left to delve into the world of online streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, Hotstar etc. I was not unaware of these services and I regularly use to watch some of my favourite American TV series and movies on Netflix and Prime, but I had never really watched any of the Indian TV series other than Sacred Games.

During the lockdown, I was able to catch up with lot of content on these streaming services. Every time I use to end up watching an average movie which was not worth my time, I use to be so glad I didn’t watch it in the cinema and saved my pretty penny. And every time I watched something amazing, I realised I did not actually miss the Cinema-Going experience. It’s more about the movie and how it made me feel rather than sitting on a recliner with a bag of super expensive popcorn. I also did not feel guilty when I decided to stop watching the movie in the middle. Maybe it did not catch my interest or the premise was not something I expected.

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I also really enjoy the ease of accessibility to pause and re-watch whenever I wanted. All the latest movies are also being released on these streaming services since all the cinemas and multiplex are closed. A new trend which I think is definitely going to catch up post-pandemic. All in all, I guess there is no other reason for me to visit the cinema to watch a movie other than I really want to get out of the house. Since I am probably not going to a multiplex again, the only thing left to do is sort out what to do on the weekends once the pandemic is over.

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