Why We Need To Save Water

Can you ever imagine living without water? What will be our state the day we run out of water? How will we quench our thirst? How will we water our plants? How will we be able to survive? Water is the basic necessity of every human being. We cannot survive without water, yet we waste it.

The problem of water scarcity has become so severe that in many states the groundwater has almost dried up and people have to depend on water supply from other sources. Even today, most of our farmers depend on the arrival of monsoon for farming. In the early years, people used to settle near a body of water. Water has played a major role in the making and breaking of civilizations. Yet, today we are wasting water, We humans do not think about our environment at all. We do not think about the future of the children who will inhabit this earth in the coming years. Will they live on a planet where people die because of the lack of water?

We need to stop the water crisis now. We cannot let the conditions become more miserable. There is a lot that should be done. We need to start taking steps to preserve water now. There is a need for an efficient system that can manage and distribute the water in urban areas. Also, the government needs to enhance its technology and investment in water treatment. We as individuals too should start now. before it gets too late.

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