Writer Friend on a Vacation :Blog Diaries 2

And little writer friend who sits in my brain have taken a vacation due to over simulation! So stick with me and my nonsensical babbling this week. I promise better content next week.

Writer Friend on a Vacation

Hello friends! Hope you had a great week. You might have noticed that this blog diaries is a little informal because sometimes you have a week full of good things and bad things all rolled into one. And little writer friend who sits in my brain have taken a vacation due to over simulation! So stick with me and my nonsensical babbling this week. I promise better content next week. 😀

Last week was hell of a roller coaster. Starting off I received happy news from Anuj Agarwal from Feedspot informing me that my blog have been featured in the Top 50 Indian Book Review Blogs. Undoubtedly this is amazing since my blog is just a few months old. Not only has this given me motivation to write more blogs but also make sure to put out more quality content for my audience. Don’t forget to check out their website at Click here. Can you spot what number I am on?

Sometime on Thursday is when my week took a turn and my phone fell and got damaged. You can’t imagine the almost heart attack that I got! My stomach was in knots for quite sometime after that. We have become so much dependent on our phones that we realise it only when the phone is taken away from us. I was disconnected from the world of internet for two days as I was searching for a replacement. Some of my bookstagram friends also noticed my absence and asked if everything was okay. Shoutout to @jassreads for being an OG. 😀

If you think that was bad, you haven’t heard the rest of it. Very next day I got a bad news related to one of the academic projects that I had been pursuing for almost seven years now and the realisation of losing all the hope hit me hard. Unfortunately I have to abandon this project since it has taken up too much of time and energy and that is extremely heartwrenching. But it is what it is and we all learn to move on. I will too and will continue to look for a silver lining.

Thankfully that was the worst of it and my Saturday was made brighter by bookstagram queen Elizabeth Sagan (@elizabeth_sagan on Instagram) who not only liked my pictures on instagram and followed me but we also continued to have a great insightful conversation and I was convinced that she is one of the most humble, sweet and down to earth human ever. Also, her instagram feed is to die for! After all she has 56k followers vouching for that.

Also Sacred Games! Oh my god I started watching Sacred Games and finished it in two days! It is such an amazing show and I felt so proud that we have content like this coming from Indian film makers for younger Indian audience. Discussion on Sacred Games can be a whole blog in itself but for now all I would say is, if you haven’t watched it yet, please go watch it! I can’t wait for season 2.

So that is all folks! That was my week. If you read till the end, I thank you for taking out your time to hear me complain about random stuff. I have been thinking of making making some weekly vlogs talking about my reading journey and sorts for Youtube. Would you be interested to watch something like that? Let me know. I will have better content for you next week and more book reviews are coming too! Subscribe to my website so that you don’t miss any of my blogs.

For now, Adios Amigos. <3

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